Jennifer Gunderson

My interest with skin care started when I was 13. I remember having skin issues as a teenager and found a book in my school’s library about skin care. I was mildly fascinated, and continued to do research on my own to discover how to take good care of my skin. I learned about words like non-comedogenic and pores, but didn't understand fully how to take care of my skin until much later.   

When I was 26 I became an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and started learning about skin care routines. Up until this point, I was treating myself to whatever looked interesting on TV and on the shelves at Target. I didn't follow any one routine and continually changed up products, never giving my skin time to get used to or benefit from specific products. However, after using Mary Kay and following a routine, my skin cleared up!  

Through Mary Kay, I learned makeup application. I remember a time in my early 20s, wanting to do a smokey eye for the first time and ending up looking like I had two black eyes instead! I learned about face and eye shapes, and the best makeup applications for both. I also learned about foundation matching and discovered I had a knack for doing makeup on others. I started working with brides and found a true passion. 

 In 2015, I took a leap of faith and enrolled at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. Aveda taught me a new passion, for facials. I love teaching others about great skin care, while melting stress away and helping clients unwind and relax. I became a professional day-maker, and I was hooked!  

Contact me today, so I can make your day a relaxed and beautiful one. I look forward to catering to your beauty needs!